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Aesthetically Obsessed

Where It Started. By: Danielle Calcara

Aesthetically Obsessed is the ethos of my life's purpose in one place.

I have always been drawn to beautiful aesthetics ever since I was a young child. One of my 1st memories of obsessing for all things beautiful, was a little caboodle I had (if you're not old enough to know what a caboodle was.. head over to Google..) that I kept my make-up in (which at the time was hand me down make-up from my Mom and Grandma), a hairbrush, and one old curling iron my mom had also given to me. I would take this thing with me to birthday parties, bowling alleys ( I had a parent in a bowling league), pretty much everywhere else that I could, in hopes someone would let me style them.

From there, I would have slumber parties with my cousins and always put on 'choreographed' dance shows for our friends and family where we would go play dress up and do our hair and make-up and always managing all our performance 'looks'.

Little did I know that these situations and scenarios would lead me into a life long love for beauty and aesthetics.

Through experiencing some hardships and traumas as a child and in life, I have always used aesthetics as a way to cope and move forward. There is something so special about how each one of us can change our mood or mindset just by what we wear, how we do our make-up, how we style our hair, and the lifestyles we lead. One decision at a time.

Having a sort of 'enlightenment' as an adult, helped guide me into a mindset shift and trajectory that I couldn't ignore.


How did I not ever realize this or let that sink in before?

I think many of us see the numerous amounts of people running on the hamster wheel of life, that we believe that we also are destined for that same thing.

I was a young women who didn't think college was for me. I didn't think I was smart enough to conquer college or maybe that I didn't deserve to go to college (even though I graduated high school with honors..).

Loving beauty, I decided to go to cosmetology school and graduated at the top of my class. I've been professionally licensed in Hair, Skin, and Nails since 2008- and in 2018 I decided I was good enough; I went back to college, at age 28, and in October 2020, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Stevens- The Institute of Business & Arts with my Bachelor of Arts in Retail Management and Fashion Merchandising.

Bringing my love for life's beautiful aesthetics- whether that be fashion styling, beauty & image consulting, or lifestyle and positive mindset shifts, Aesthetically Obsessed is my heart because through this platform and company I can help those who have also been through tragedy, adversity, low self-esteem, abuse, really anything that can affect your heart and soul.

The heart of what I want to do with Aesthetically Obsessed is really just that, to guide each individual I work with into a place of joy, positivity, empowerment, and self-confidence. Confidence that no matter what situation is waiting for you in the future, you will have built a confidence that can't be shaken.


To be able to make someone feel their most beautiful, empowered, and confident is why I was put on this Earth, I truly believe that. I always want to be able to show my clients, no matter your life story or life situation- YOU are in charge of how you want to look, feel, and live.

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