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Fashion~ More Than A Garment

By: Danielle Calcara

With 2022 on the horizon, I've been thinking a lot lately about my intentions for the New Year ahead. Who am I in 2022? What do I want to project to the World and people around me? What personal and professional improvements can I make? Am I aligned with all that matters most to me? What habits aren't serving me anymore? When I look at myself in the mirror in 2022- what will that woman say back to me? I'm not talking about mere outward aesthetics, but the aesthetics attached to our spirit and all of our other senses.


"Refers to anything in the world around us that we sense as being beautiful, or enjoyable.

Including what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell."

Envisioning who we aspire to be, is taking a deeper look within ourselves and then taking the proper actions of creating new habits and thought patterns. With each choice and decision, let us pay attention and notice how we feel when we are saying YES or NO to something. An enlightened and wonderful mentor of mine, Mary Clarke, once said "If It's Not a Yes, It's a Solid NO." ENERGY is undeniable, so pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Though I'm hopefully only a third of the way through my life so far- I've learned along the way that each year, each month, each day, each second- everything we experience adds to, whether good or bad, exactly who we are as human beings. With each experience we get to feel and choose if that was something beneficial or harmful to who we are and the person we want to grow into. We are always one choice away...

Fashioning a life we love full of wonder, worth, beauty, laughter and positivity makes life worth living. The most amazing part of it all, each one of us is IN CHARGE of our life. As a semi-recovered "People Pleaser" I learn that more and more every single day. So stay and live in your power, your decisions, your energy, your look, and your happiness- because you are the author and narrator of them all!

Fashioning Your Life in 2022 Journal Prompts:

  1. How do I feel in 2022?

  2. Does my work fulfill me in 2022?

  3. What is my self-care regime for 2022?

  4. How will I nourish my mind, body, and soul in 2022?

  5. Are the people in my inner circle bringing positivity and enthusiasm to my life in 2022?

  6. How can I be a better friend in 2022?

  7. What energy am I bringing in 2022?

  8. What habits aren't serving me in 2022?

  9. What is my personal aesthetic in 2022?

  10. How can I connect with others and nature more in 2022?

  11. How can I be mindful of what I'm consuming in 2022?

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year


Danielle Calcara & Aesthetically Obsessed

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